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  • Technical Color Booster Koi food
  • Healthy Koi food to protect and support Liver
  • Super Premium high-grade food with Probiotics
  • Natural ingredients with high-grade fish meal
  • Floating / Sinking


  • 4 kinds of colour enhancer: “Paprika Extract”, “Spirulina”, “Corn Extract” and “Natural Astaxanthin” (Phaffia Yeast) help to boost up the red pigment.
  • Fruit Polyphenol in the koi food effectively helps to protect and support the liver functions. With good liver function, the koi will stay healthy conditions.
  • Contains β-Glucan (extract from black yeast) and Plant Lactobacillus (inactive bacteria) to stimulate the immune system healthily.
  • Contains Heat Resistance Vitamin C prevent the white body from changing to yellow skin.
  • Contain Probiotic which enables Koi to absorb good nutrition; hi- digestion and reduce ammonia in water
  • Keep maintain water conditions