Bottom Drain

Carefully designed aerated and no-aerated bottom drains effectively removes debris from your pond when the pond is properly designed. This significantly reduces the workload in pond cleaning which means better water quality for your koi. In addition, our specially designed 316 Stainless Steel cover plate ensure that small koi 3" or above will not escape from your pond through the bottom drain connection. You can also add on a surface skimming connection using a 1" PVC/ABS pipe through the 1 3/8" hole on the plate. Contact us for more information.
  • PVC  bottom drain
  • 4" outlet
  • 9" disc diffuser from Jager of Germany
  • 1" aeration connection for the aerated bottom drain
  • Internal: ø 9" * 6 3/4" H
  • External dimension: ø 13" * 7" (not including disc diffuser)