About Us

Located in Toronto, Canada, Hoseki Koi & Pond is registered under Brilliant Property Services Ltd found by Ricky Cheng back in 2001. The Company was mainly engaged in renovation and landscaping business at the beginning. In 2006, we built our first pond and started raising Japanese Koi. Since then we have built multiple water gardens, pondless waterfalls, koi ponds and indoor ponds. 

Our services includes pond consultation, design and build water features, water gardens, koi ponds with bottom drain, custom filtration systems like moving bed systems, bead filter, trickle filter, bakki shower, rotary drum filters & etc

Throughout these years, we also provided regular pond maintenance, year end pond cleaning, koi quarantine and health management services. In order to strengthen our service to customer, we have decided to expand our business by importing high quality Japanese Koi in May 2013.