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Aquadyne proudly brings you 20 years of hydrodynamic filtration engineering experience and patented products that offer outstanding quality, dependability, and service. There is a fact that must not be ignored. All bead filters are not created equal! So be smart and do your research before spending your hard-earned cash. If you need help, Aquadyne will be there for you.

Aquadyne offers you a variety of popular sizes filtering environments from 1000 gallons all the way up to 30,000 gallons in a single vessel, and up to 600 pounds of fish load.

Private collectors and professional pond installers agree that AquaDyne has always brought to light, that performance that sounds too good to be true can actually be a reality. Never before has any filter made pond ownership and maintenance so enjoyable.

Can you imagine actually looking forward to cleaning your pond filter! Cleaning an AquaDyne filter can be performed in a business suit and rarely takes more than 5 minutes. You can now have the freedom of cleaning your filter as little as once every 2 weeks while maintaining pristine, clean, clear, biologically correct water. You can now actually take a vacation without finding a victim to maintain your pond while you are away.

Aquadyne Bead Filter Systems offer ease of operation with these full features:

Power  Air  Backwash

Full Rinse Cycle

Complete Medical Bypass

Full Media Access

Advanced Backwashing

Internal Sedimentation

Easy One Touch Operation

5 Minute Weekly Cleaning

Bottom Sludge Drain

5 Minute Disassembly

Micro Sediment Removal

No Flow Restrictions

Full 6" Tank Opening

Dry Hands Cleaning