Use Of JPD Premium Koi Food

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Use Of JPD Premium Koi Food

The whole series of Food are probiotic which means it can be easily digested and helps to keep your water much cleaner and clearer. They consist of the Shori - Hi Growth, Shogun - All-Season, Fujizakura - Health Diet and Akafuji - Technical Color Booster.

Here is how you can use different food in different seasons.

- In spring when the temperature is around 12°C/53.6°F season, use Shogun. Slowly increase the feeding volume at the beginning. Feed koi during noon/afternoon time when temperature is the warmest.

- When the temperature is around 14°c/57.2°F, mix Shogun and Fujizakura in 1:1 ratio. The will help to boost up the immune system of your koi and help to recover from the long winter.

- When the temperature is above 17°c/62.6°, mix Fujizakura with Shori. Shori is a high protein food that boost up the growth of your koi.

- You can also switch from Fujizakura to Akafuji when the temperature is stable above 17°c and mix Akafuji with Shori throughout the summertime in a ratio of around 30% to 70%.

- Akafuji is actually a technical color booster that is used to prepare your koi for show.

- When the temperature backs down to 15°c/59°F, switch back to Fujizakura and shogun in 1:1 ratio. This will strength the immune system of your koi and prepare them for winter.

- Use only Shogun when the temperature drops to14°c/57°F

- Fujizakura is a health diet that boost up the immune system of your koi. You can use it in spring time, autumn time and even throughout the season especially when you are adding in new koi or if your koi is sick or under stress.

PM us or contact Ricky Cheng at 647 833 8173 if you have any question or concern regarding the use of JPD Premium Koi Food.

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