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The bakki shower set consist of 4 fibreglass trays in 1 column and 360 pieces of Far-Infrared Bacteria House. You can set it up with a minimum of 3 tiers but we highly recommend for 4 tiers for best result.

The spray bar is not included but we can recommend you how to make your spray bar when you buy the bakki shower. Depending on how you want to set up your bakki shower, it can be installed directly on top of your pond or you can custom order the base tray/spillway with additional cost and request for weir on sides or in the front. We recommend using 316 stainless steel just in case you need to add salt in your pond.

If you need expansion for bigger ponds, you can simply add on the additional columns as you need.


  • Extremely porous bacteria house provides an extremely large surface area for bacteria colonization
  • Far Infrared rays help to break water molecules thus significantly increases the oxygen level in the water
  • De-odorizing water
  • Improves fish health, appetite and growth
  • Very low maintenance when installed properly
  • Flexible in expansion


  • 4 tier fibreglass trays perforated at bottom.
  • Single column dimension with 4 trays - 23.5" * 16.25" * 39.25"   (note 1)
  • Fibreglass tray dimension - 23.5" * 16.25" * 10.5"   (Note 1)

Note 1: Dimension shown only includes all the stackable trays and does not include the Stainless steel base tray/spillway and the spray bar.

Note 2: Photo showed 2 columns of 4 tier shower running side by side.

Note 3: Custom base tray/spillway (using 316 stainless steel) not included. Weir can be on sideways or at front.

Note 4: Spray bar not included.